Interesting discussions on artificial intelligence at the University of Vienna’s Dies Academicus

Renate Motschnig, Selina Gartner and Michael Jemetz attended the panel discussion “KI-Bites” at the University of Vienna’s Dies Academicus on 12th March. The event was the prelude to the currently highly relevant semester question “Do we know what AI will know?”.

Following an opening speech by Rector Sebastian Schütze, data scientist Philipp Grohs gave an introduction to the inner workings of artificial neural networks, which are almost synonymous with artificial intelligence in modern public discourse. Following this talk, an interdisciplinary panel of researchers discussed the matter.

The members of the consortium were able to develop an overview of the research on AI done at the university, which was particularly interesting as the topic if AI is closely linked to digital literacy education. The event also provided opportunities to network with researchers from different fields.

Further information on the semester question:

Stimulating exchange at the European Consultation for the 2024 Youth Report on Technology in Education

UNESCO and Restless Development held the European Consultation for the 2024 Youth Report on Technology in Education on 17th January where some of the recommendations from last year’s report were discussed.

Michael Jemetz was able to attend the online meeting and discuss the requirements for and challenges in the way of a successful, inclusive, and sustainable integration of modern technology into education with various experts from all over Europe.

Topics included determining the relevance of digital content and tools, sensibly connecting technology and content, (collaboratively) creating and finding culturally sensitive materials and Open Educational Resources. Furthermore, the importance of bottom-up decision making and participation of learners and educators, self-regulated learning and work as well as the support needed for them were discussed.

The GEM Report 2023 can be found here:

Project launch at the first Educational Research Summit

The members of the consortium attended the first “Summit Bildungsforschung” (Educational Research Summit) held by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research on December 4. Following a speech by Minister Martin Polaschek, the dig!doc-project was presented by consortium lead Fares Kayali. Afterwards, the members were able to exchange ideas with researchers from other consortia during the poster presentations. These interactions lead to contacts being established and concepts for cooperation being developed.